Applied AI

Embracing AI: The Key to Driving Growth and Revenue in the Telecom Industry

The Benefits of AI Adoption Artificial intelligence (AI) is a transformative technology with a broad range of use cases that are transforming industries across the world’s economy. From infrastructure that “self-heals” to radically reimagined customer service and experience, from large-scale hyper-personalization to automatically created marketing messages and images, AI solutions can powerfully augment and sometimes […]

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How AI is vital in boosting customer segmentation

Getting customer segmentation right is easier said than done. In many cases, businesses’ efforts are hampered by complex data analysis processes that may require a large investment by the data science team or the use of third-party consultants to develop the right models. Because these efforts take so long and are so expensive to complete, […]

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Make weblogs safe and valuable for marketing

Telecommunication companies sometimes veer away from an incredibly rich, yet underutilized dataset – data already in their possession – weblog data. Concerns about privacy, scalability challenges, and fears of potential misuse have created significant hesitation. This has been stopping Communication Service Providers (CSPs) from leveraging their weblogs to offer more relevant marketing and from monetizing […]

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Insights to activation – turning raw data into truly personalized value

Data is any business’ most valuable resource.  But while this is more true than ever in today’s environment, it’s not the whole story. After all, it doesn’t matter how many billions or even trillions of data points a firm possesses – if they can’t utilize it effectively, it’s doing nothing more than taking up server […]

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IHQ Event: Practical AI applications for Customer Experience

Earlier this month, we invited Forrester Analyst, Brandon Purcell, to share his thoughts on practical AI applications in Customer Experience. The thought-provoking session included an interactive element; with Brandon inviting the audience to debunk certain AI myths.

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