Giving Privacy a Human Touch eBook

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Privacy and personalization can work hand in hand

Over the past 15 years, customers have been promised better lives through more personalized services and experiences in exchange for forfeiting their personal data. However, the promised benefits have yet to fully materialize. Instead, customers are bombarded with more noise, leading to a decline in trust and a souring of relationships.

Privacy and personalization can work together in harmony. These two concepts are interconnected, and by enhancing privacy measures and controls, businesses have the chance to offer superior customer experiences.

In this guide, we delve into how companies can develop impactful marketing strategies and engage with customers on their own terms by prioritizing privacy in a regulatory landscape that is rapidly evolving. We analyze how the existing system disadvantages consumers and why the methods used by many businesses to obtain consent for data collection and processing aren’t fit for purpose.

Ensure transparency every step of the way

The ebook also outlines how new legal controls like GDPR and CCPA are introducing new standards of transparent consent for every use of personal data. However, to restore consumer trust and materially strengthen customer relationships, businesses need to let go and put control back into the hands of consumers. This means adopting a whole new approach to customer data, one that prioritizes customer value, delivers total transparency, empowers users to disengage, and requires granular activity-level consent.

If you’re ready to keep up with the law, consumer expectations, and your competitors, download our ebook “Giving Privacy a Human Touch” now.