Weblogs: Landmine or Goldmine

A Guide for Telcos and CSP’s

1 min. Read

Privacy is the main concern to using weblog data

Telco customers reward true personalization with high ROI. At the same time, they demand a brand experience that protects their privacy. A dataset that could solve both of those issues, when used correctly, is weblogs. An incredibly underutilized asset that all telcos possess. However, concerns about privacy, scalability challenges, and fears of potential misuse have created significant hesitation.

How can telcos find the right balance, being respectful of customer data? And yet harnessing its power to deliver the relevance customers expect?

What to expect from this eBook:

  • What the main blockers are for telcos when it comes to using this rich data source and how to overcome them 
  • How we successfully utilize weblog data in a privacy-safe way to ensure customer identities are protected throughout all processing stages
  • The ways in which Intent HQ process the massive amounts of data weblogs provide to ensure marketers and data scientists derive the most value out of them
  • The benefits of using this under-utilised data source can have for your marketing activities

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