Total Telecom Congress 2021

Reimagine Telecoms with Intent HQ at Total Telecom Congress 2021

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At Total Telecom, we showcased the Intent HQ customer intelligence platform on our stand. Our Intent HQ platform ingests huge amounts of your customer data (I’m talking trillions of data points) to create outcome-driven insights that your team can use to improve marketing campaigns, reduce churn and improve your ROI. Find out more about the capabilities of our customer intelligence platform.

Total Telecom Congress IHQ Fireside Chat

Our CEO, Jonathan Lakin, joined Scott Appleton from Cartesian for a fireside talk to discuss all things personalization and CX. The discussion highlights the power of personalization and also the fact that today’s consumers expect personalized treatment. Companies that personalize will have higher response rates, more sales, & better relationships with customers. Watch a snippet below of Jonathan and Scott’s fireside talk, click here to watch the whole discussion.

Total Telecom Congress IHQ Presentation

Intent HQ Regional Managing Director, Phil Douty, also presented at Total Telecom. Phil explains how consumers are tired of the noise from mass marketing, and they’re giving you everything you need to understand them better. Phil highlights how telcos can move away from a mass marketing approach, by using Intent HQ’s cloud-based technology to take a deeper dive into telcos’ existing first-party customer data. Using the Intent HQ platform, you can identify personality traits, interests, and the brand affinities of your customers to understand them on a human level. These insights can be activated within your marketing and CX activities. Want to see the full presentation? Click here.

It was stimulating to finally spend time together again with telco professionals for two days of networking, talks, and presentations, which gave a full 360 understanding of how the industry is evolvi