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Intent Insight + Activation

Privacy-safe forensic customer insight for marketers

At A Glance

  • Increase customer lifetime value with forensic insights gleaned from user data
  • Activate your valuable user data while upholding customer privacy
  • Empower marketing teams with no-code fingertip access to customer insight


Telcos collect trillions of data points about their customers, but the full value of this is not being realized within their business model. Technical complexities, privacy governance and resource challenges make it difficult for marketers and customer experience teams to derive value in a timely fashion. As a result, telcos continue to struggle with the threat of data-driven internet companies and over-the-top service providers.

What we solve

  • Activate and explore trillions of unexploited data points
  • Mobilize your behavioral network data for true customer understanding 
  • Put data in the hands of marketers, not only data scientists

With this product

  • ML-enhanced insight leads to more effective marketing
  • Create more precise targeted campaigns to boost loyalty, drive upsells, reduce churn
  • Orchestrate your behavioral insights across your entire business

Intent products

Insight and Activation

Instantly accessible and secure data insights

Our Insight and Activation platform overcomes the challenges of data insight and democratizes access to these findings across your business.

What is

Insight and Activation Platform

Making first-party data accessible, instant and valuable

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The Intent HQ Insight and Activation platform provides easy access to your valuable first-party data for marketers, customer experience teams, and data scientists. Until now, much of this data has been locked away due to the technical challenges of accessibility, the legislative risk of data privacy governance, and a lack of dedicated data science and BI resources.  

Intent HQ’s platform overcomes these challenges to put rich behavioral data in the hands of data scientists and forensic insights at the fingertips of marketers. Our platform, optimized especially to utilize telco user data, creates a much deeper, behavioral-led understanding of who your customers really are and how they live their lives at a human level. 

This makes rich, data-driven decisions based on real-world behavior a reality. Enhanced customer understanding drives more precision in marketing campaign targeting, early churn risks are more easily identified, and behavioral triggers that can have an impact on the company’s bottom line can be rapidly spotted.  

Richer, ML-enhanced insights

Intent HQ’s machine learning technology enables all users – whether they be marketers or data science specialists – to identify customer interests, traits and brand affinities, which can then be used to guide decision-making for a wide variety of use cases.

Whether you’re looking to tailor your marketing messaging with truly personalized offers, monetize your first-party data, increase upsell revenue or improve customer retention, the Intent HQ platform enables you to do this quickly and easily in a way that fully respects the privacy of users. 

Visual insights at your fingertips

Our Insights Explorer data visualization application puts insights into the hands of marketers, making data activation faster and more effective by removing the slow process of briefing business intelligence (BI) teams and receiving prescriptive responses. 

This means you don’t have to rely on these dedicated units to find answers. When you have a question, anyone can come in and work directly with the data to build up a complete picture of their customers. 

The highly visual, interactive user interface offers an intuitive solution that requires no specialist coding skills to handle the data. Instead, you can simply drag and drop the criteria you need and get instant insight. Users have forensic explorability, multiple views of a single source of truth, and the ability to create bespoke insights in real-time. 

As a result, anyone can pick it up and start working with the data without the need for extensive training or expertise in data science. However, for those who do specialise in big data analytics, Intent HQ removes data wrangling and presents data in a visual way.  

A better platform for data science

Ingesting multiple data sets from sources including CRM, billing and customer experience platforms, alongside the unlocked behavioral insight from network data, creates a new, stronger single source of truth that hasn’t previously been experienced.  

Our ingestion process removes the need for manual data wrangling, stitching once siloed data into sharded customer databases in the Intent Cloud. This is perfect for near real-time analysis of huge data volumes and deploying models that create further actionable data features.

Protecting customers from data misuse

The Intent HQ platform puts customer privacy first, creating a safe environment for telcos to use first-party customer data to drive value. Our end-to-end processes are built to protect consumer privacy and ensure greater levels of control over sensitive customer data, while still delivering the deep customer insights, predictive analytics and data activation tools that reward customers with a truly personalized experience. 

Our platform safeguards business activities against regulatory infringement. By using tokenized data and applying specific processes that make it easy to restrict certain types of data and inference from ever being ingested, this transforms customer data into vectors unreadable by humans, thereby guarding against misuse of data.

Transform data without the need for IT overheads

IT teams already have their work cut out managing legacy systems, digital transformation projects and just keeping the everyday business request wheels spinning. As a result of the need to focus their attention on these activities, trillions of raw data points are currently inaccessible to marketing teams and data scientists alike. In a data-driven world, this can’t be right. 

The Intent HQ platform takes some of that pressure off the shoulders of IT. We democratize access to these trillions of valuable data points with a secure and privacy-safe solution that reduces the manual work associated with bespoke data requests. This gives your marketers the tools to build fully informed insights of their customers and reduces the number of data requests you have to respond to manually.

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