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Unlocking the value in network data

At A Glance

  • Creates a safe environment to use first-party data
  • Rich extraction of insight to be used by telcos
  • Embedded privacy at the heart of Intent HQ


Using first-party customer data to understand behavior and gain marketing insight is fraught with issues over privacy. Customers want to know their activities aren’t being scrutinized, but at the same time want telcos to use the wealth of information they generate to improve service and quality of experience. Telco data is commercially valuable, but how do we use this data in a privacy-safe manner?

What we solve

  • How to generate deeper insight without sharing personally identifiable information
  • Remove concerns over regulatory infringement
  • How to extract meaningful signal from messy, voluminous data

With this product

  • True personalization with privacy ensured
  • Use customer data to add business value
  • Supercharge customer insights

Intent AI


Trusted insights based on secure data analysis

Embeddings enable you to draw clearer insight from first-party customer data without the fear of regulatory infringement over invasion of privacy. Customers can benefit from more targeted actions and telcos can drive engagement and ROI through improved customer relevancy.

What is


Active data solutions for true personalization and control

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Embeddings enable you to draw clearer insight from first-party customer data without the fear of exposing raw data, such as specific website visits, across your organization. Customer privacy is protected, while telcos gain the insight to drive engagement and ROI through improved customer relevancy

Embedded privacy that protects customer information

At the heart of Intent HQ’s offering is the ability to allow telcos to make fuller use of the huge amounts of first-party customer data they have on record. By tapping into this extensive resource, companies are able to better personalize their correspondence with customers and drive real gains in terms of customer engagement and improved ROI. Embeddings make this possible. It ensures raw data is never transmitted beyond a client’s own firewall and extracts meaning from consented customer behaviors while removing all human readability. 

Prior to transfer to Intent HQ’s data activation center the Telco tokenizes the customer ID and then removes through utilisation of the Intent Graph any data classified as sensitive. Our Embeddings system then creates a series of Customer Context Vectors against more than 50 million topics, highlighting clusters of similar customer behaviors to derive a sequence of numeric representations – these calculations are bespoke to each use case and each client’s needs.

The string of numbers created therefore have no meaning to anyone who might see this data but our active data solutions can decipher these values to provide a much fuller picture of each customer. Embedded privacy is one of the ways Intent HQ can use first-party data to deliver accessible, insightful behavior-led insights whilst respecting customer privacy.

True personalization to maximize engagement

By delving more deeply into first-party customer data and allowing parts of this information to feed into wider marketing activities, telcos can generate much clearer insight. It gives them the tools they need to deliver a truly personalized customer experience.

Embeddings allow our systems to extract semantic meaning from data within groupings without making the individual specifically identifiable. For example, a customer may visit several football websites, some of which may be clustered around a specific geographical area. From this, we can determine both that that individual has an interest in sports (football in particular) but also there are specific teams they show a stronger attachment to.

It is this level of granular information that allows telcos to target this individual with specific offerings and messaging that will have a much higher likelihood of being positively received. In this way, telcos can better segment their marketing campaigns and boost ROI.

Intent HQ enriches understanding through AI algorithms to identify customer interests, cluster audiences, make inferences and provide predictions of future actions. This, in turn, allows telcos to reduce churn risk while boosting essential customer engagement. 

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