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Insights Explorer

Make better big data marketing decisions through customer understanding

At A Glance

  • Access and visualize customer data at scale
  • Real-time answers covering millions of customers
  • Marketing teams enhance campaign performance with access to rich, enhanced insight


Telcos possess incredibly rich and valuable customer data, especially behavioral data. But marketers often don’t have the ability to even access this, much less activate it to build true, personalized customer understanding at scale. As a result, marketers can’t ask or answer the questions they need to make the right data-driven decisions.

What we solve

  • Access and activate trillions of unexploited data points
  • True customer understanding from combined CRM and network data
  • Put data in the hands of marketers, not only data scientists

With this product

  • Make strategic, data-driven decisions at scale
  • Answer unlimited questions about why your customers act as they do
  • Create targeted campaigns to boost loyalty, drive upsells, reduce churn

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Insights Explorer

Making data easy

Insights Explorer enables you to explore and visualize all the information you hold on customers in one location. With in-depth, granular access to your customer data, AI enhanced with behavioral insights from weblog data, you can create a much richer level of customer understanding you can use to improve all your consumer interactions and business KPIs.

What is

Insights Explorer

A complete insights tool combining all your data

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Insights Explorer is a powerful data exploration tool that allows you to visualize all the information you hold on customers in one location. Within a single customer intelligence platform, you have access to all relevant information about consumers, from network and device usage details to Intent HQ AI-enriched individual interests.

Harnessing your data

A key feature of Insights Explorer is how it enables users to quickly segment the data to gain greater, more personalized insights into customers’ behavior by looking in-depth at a wide range of customer insights and manipulating this in any way you want. You can narrow down customers using our powerful filters to see enriched data that gives you a much deeper, behavioral-led understanding of who your customers really are and how they live their lives at a human level. 

In turn, this lets you make much more powerful decisions that incorporate true personalization into your marketing, customer experience, or product offers to improve revenues, churn, customer satisfaction, and more.

You can explore your data on a much more personal level to develop a deeper understanding of their likes and dislikes, key triggers and pain points, not just as numbers in a database, but as individual human beings. Delving into their individual circumstances and interests helps you develop a complete human understanding of your customer base.

It’s only when armed with this knowledge of your customers that you can begin to tailor truly personalized messaging and campaigns, whether this is to upsell or cross-sell to customers, boost loyalty or sign them to a new contract.

An intuitive, user-friendly solution

What sets Insights Explorer apart from other customer analytics tools is how it combines network-based behavioral data to give a complete understanding of your customer. It also does this in a way that’s designed to be as user-friendly as possible, so anyone can pick it up and start working with the data without the need for extensive training or expertise in data science. 

It’s intended to be used by marketers as well as data analytics professionals. This means valuable insight is put directly into the hands of users who would not normally have access to this data without turning to more tech-savvy IT experts for help.

The highly visual, interactive UI offers an intuitive solution that requires no specialist coding skills to handle the data. Instead, you can simply drag and drop the criteria you need and get instant insight.

This means you don’t have to rely on business intelligence units to find answers. When you have a question, anyone can come in and work directly with the data to build up a complete picture of their customers. 

Intent HQ’s Insights Explorer works together with the Intent HQ Platform to help you activate this data and turn it into real-world value. This allows you to apply true personalization to all your activities, boosting revenue and increasing consumer loyalty at every stage of their journey.

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