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How we protect customer data


Privacy Ethos

Our approach to privacy

Privacy is integral to our approach at Intent HQ. We take a holistic attitude to this issue, ensuring that the interests of all parties, including businesses and consumers, are fully protected at every stage. 

In an age where traditional consent-based approaches are no longer working well, it’s time for a new outlook on data privacy – one that allows telcos to gain value from their customer data with privacy embedded into the process throughout, while always respecting the wishes of customers.


Differential Privacy

Data-level privacy at every stage

Big data analytics today requires working with potentially identifiable data that could be used to track customers individually, so to avoid this, pseudonymization is a must. This means ensuring privacy is respected at every level and wherever data is being handled.

Intent HQ’s differential privacy tools achieve this by stripping out all sensitive categories and ensuring that any data that is being used for processing is pseudonymized in such a way that individual users cannot be reidentified. Instead, all analytics takes place on an unidentifiable ‘digital twin’ with data points that are unreadable by human eyes.


Data Controls

Complete audit trails and management for your data

Maintaining full control over who can access data and understanding exactly how it is being used is vital to the success of any analytics operation. If a customer or government makes a request, you need to be able to show exactly what has been done with the relevant data.

Intent HQ simplifies this complex process with full traceability and auditability built-in throughout our solution – something that can otherwise be tricky for telcos with trillions of customer data points to manage. This also allows you to set clear policies on who has access to data and what they can use it for.



Our privacy credentials

Intent HQ is fully compliant with the gold standards of data privacy certifications, ISO 27001 and SOC 2. Get in touch to find out more about how we meet these standards.

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