Leveraging behavioral data with AI

to improve an already-excellent churn model


Verizon already had a top-performing churn model, refined over two decades, but saw an opportunity for improvement by leveraging behavioral data and Intent HQ’s AI platform.


The combination provided significantly more accurate churn predictions, which will improve Verizon’s ability to find and retain at-risk customers.

  • Accuracy improved by 3.5% in the highest-risk decile
  • Churn model accuracy improved by 2.1% in the top 3 deciles
  • Forecasted value over five years: $180 million

Verizon partners with Intent HQ to improve sector-leading churn prediction accuracy by up to 3.5%.

“I challenged the team to become ‘customer first’ by delivering exquisitely personalized services and experiences.”

Ronan Dunne

VP and CEO of Verizon’s Consumer Group

Operationalizing Churn Improvement

Verizon leads the U.S. wireless telecom market because it constantly innovates to maintain its competitive advantage and drive brand preference.

For a company generating annual revenues in excess of $100 billion and serving over 100 million customers with a range of voice, data, and video services, delivering better operational performance can be incredibly challenging.

But Verizon’s sustained success at the top of the U.S. wireless telecom market is due to their relentless drive to innovate and improve along all fronts, including customer acquisition, base management, and customer retention.

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