The Great Competitive Paradox: Intent HQ hosts Think Tank for Telecoms CX Leaders

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At IQPC’s recent CX Telecoms Exchange in London, Intent HQ hosted a Think Tank session tackling some of the key challenges faced by Telcos today.

The packed-out session was led by our Chief Client Officer, Sharifah Amirah and our VP Global Sales, Dave Wardell. Delegates were challenged to assess how mature their organisation is in terms of Customer Intelligence. We discussed their organisation’s ‘readiness’ to support a Customer-First approach, and ability to win back customer wallet share from the FANG players.

Sparking a discourse about what Telcos are doing to tackle FANG companies stealing their lunch, Telefonica O2 shared insights into their customer experience strategy and how they are meeting current consumer demands. Dave explains more about the biggest problem facing telecom operators and the most common customer experience challenges in this exclusive interview here:

Great Competitive Paradox

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