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Talk – Using Causal AI to Transform Customer Marketing

Join Intent HQ and Databricks at Big Data Ldn 2023. Learn how Intent HQ uses Causal AI to understand what motivates customers to engage positively with a subscription model business.

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Intent HQ win Women in Tech Best Employer in the 50-149 Employees Category for second year

Intent HQ Celebrates Second Consecutive Win as Women in Tech’s Best Employer in the 50-149 Employees Category

Intent HQ is proud to announce we won the Women in Tech Best Employer award in the 50-149 employees category for the second consecutive year. This remarkable achievement showcases Intent HQ’s unwavering commitment to fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) within our organization. Quadrupling the Team: Evidencing Year on Year Growth of Female Hires Diversity, […]

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The Great Competitive Paradox: Telcos’ defining moment

The biggest problem that telecom operators face is keeping up with the demands of the connected customer. The bar isn’t being set by traditional competitors but by the renowned FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google) companies that have stolen wallet share and commoditised telcos’ offerings.

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Intent HQ’s 2018 Round-up

It’s been quite a year for us, working with clients across various continents, growing our teams both in the London and US offices, that we’re beginning to lose track of what we’ve been up to…so we thought we’d take this opportunity to do a quick roundup of our year and share some of our favourite moments here with you.

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Goodbye Data Swamp, Hello Data Lake

Data lakes have been around for eight years, and while the original concept was promising, many of the lakes have unfortunately turned into data swamps. This has prompted criticism of the concept itself.

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Intent HQ included in recent Forrester report for Customer Analytics

Forrester Now Tech reports are widely recognised as a guide to business leaders looking to understand and evaluate technology solution landscapes. This report highlights how businesses can use customer analytics technologies to increase acquisition, drive retention and loyalty, and improve the customer experience. It offers insights on suppliers in three key segments and guidance on how best to approach strategy and selection.

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Customer Experience for Financial Services #CXC2017

We were at the Customer Experience Conference for Financial Services #CXC2017 this week where the focus was on design, relevance and GDPR. Kudos to the organisers for bringing together an interesting selection of speakers.

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The 6 things that help us the most in developing software

Nowadays words like “agile”, “lean”, “scrum” or “kanban” have been abused so many times that some of its initial values or ideas have been lost. Many people think (and say) they are agile because they do stand-ups; some others are trying to come up with new “smart” acronyms (SAFe, LeSS…) for unknown reasons (because the old buzzwords don’t sell anymore?)

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Customer Intelligence Dashboard Release 2.0

This week saw the launch of the latest version of Intent HQ’s customer intelligence dashboard and insight tool. This launch marks a major milestone as clients now have access to a revolutionary new way to understand customer behaviour across billions of data points and to give business users and executives alike the capability to understand their customers as humans.

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Telco data analytics are like email – without the send button

It’s 2017, and you would have thought that creating evidence-based systems of decision has never been easier. After all aren’t the FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix & Google) doing this day in day out? Aren’t closed loop digital systems all hooked up with continual measurement, and isn’t every vendor under the sun promising you it’s easy? It can’t be that difficult!

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