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Make your data monetization strategy fit for the future

At A Glance

  • Connect media agencies with privacy-compliant consumer insight
  • Make digital advertising decisions based on consumer interests, not individual tracking
  • Unlock new high-margin revenue opportunities


How can digital advertisers be sure they’re targeting the right people without compromising on customer privacy or engaging in intrusive user tracking? Digital Ads gives advertisers a new source of insight and offers great opportunities for big data monetization in telecoms.

What we solve

  • Accurate, detailed targeting of digital ads
  • Privacy-sensitive solutions
  • No individual tracking of users

With this product

  • Ad placement strategies based on billions of points of data
  • Increased ROI for digital ad campaigns
  • A privacy-compliant replacement for third-party cookies

Intent Apps

Digital Ad Insights

Monetize your data and help partners boost their ROI

The huge amount of data created by telcos offers great opportunities for monetization, especially as traditional targeting methods such as third-party cookies are no longer relevant. But extracting value from this complex data must be done in a way that’s not only fast and highly relevant, but also respects consumer’ privacy. 

Intent HQ achieves this by identifying customers’ interests and preferences and determining where target audiences can be reached, without using intrusive ID-based targeting.

What is

Digital Ad Insights

Help partners deliver content to the right people, in the right places

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Our Digital Ad Insights solution enables telcos to enhance their data monetization strategy by helping partners target their digital messaging to the right people. Telco data is rich with consumer behavior insight that can identify interests and brand affinities. By combining this with demographic data, Intent HQ’s Insights Explorer can be used to create bespoke audiences for digital ad campaigns and highlight exactly where online advertisers can best find these customers, enabling brands to more precisely target their ad spend for better ROI.

Utilizing rich telco data

Telcos have a huge amount of data that can be useful to partners and advertisers seeking to connect with the right customers. And in an environment where consumers are more concerned about their privacy and where traditional methods of tracking users and personalizing content such as cookies are no longer valid options, this insight becomes more valuable than ever.

Our Digital Ads application helps telcos provide a more privacy-compliant and precise service to digital media selection for brands and agencies. This allows them to create new revenue streams by identifying rich behavior-based custom target audiences, as well as determining where the best online locations are to do this.

Instead of looking to target individual consumers using tracking cookies, it works by identifying groups of users with shared interests and demographics and asking where they’re most likely to be found. So for example, if an advertiser is looking to target people who are interested in cooking, we can see at a glance what domains people with these hobbies are most likely to visit. This picks up on the nuance of a custom audience and can identify more cost efficient media selection. 

Delivering the best results 

This maintains the privacy of individual consumers while ensuring that advertisers get their messaging in front of the right people. From a privacy perspective, consumers aren’t being tracked on an individual basis, and partners have no way of tracing insights back to specific people. Yet at the same time, they are still able to take advantage of the customer understanding that Intent HQ’s solutions can provide.

As a result, partners can target their advertising and have confidence that messages are being seen by the right people based on the deep understanding you have of your customers. This goes much deeper than superficial customer understanding (such as observing that football fans may frequent sports websites) and means brands can enjoy a much stronger return on investment for their efforts. 

For instance, domains recommended based on our insights may not always have the widest reach, or even be directly related to the products on offer. But, if the data shows that a site with less traffic overall has a much higher percentage of visitors who are your target users, this means partners can spend less to secure advertising space, while still enjoying higher response rates.

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