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Smart Audiences

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At A Glance

  • Use big data analytics to develop more targeted campaign audiences
  • Identify customers who will be most receptive to your offers
  • Make campaigns more efficient and cost-effective


Marketing campaigns can’t be effective if they’re not reaching the right audience. Efforts may be wasted by attempting to engage with people who are not interested in the offers being made. So how can you use advanced campaign analysis to improve this and identify the right audience to speak to?

What we solve

  • Eliminate poorly-targeted campaigns
  • Reduce costs of marketing efforts
  • Better customer experience through relevant comms

With this product

  • Personalised customer experience
  • Highly targeted offers
  • Improved ROI through increased conversions

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Smart Audiences

The insights to improve your campaign targeting

Intent HQ’s Smart Audiences application enables marketing professionals to identify target customers that other methods might miss. Our technology applies AI to large behavioral datasets to better identify audiences that will be more receptive to your campaigns.

What is

Smart Audiences

Deliver the right messages to the right people, at the right time

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Intent HQ’s Smart Audiences application allows telcos to draw better insight from their previous marketing activities,identifying which customers display interests that are known to be most receptive to an offer. By using campaign analytics to narrow down your user base to only those with the right profiles, based on their human behavioral data, you can improve the ROI for your future marketing efforts.

Identifying the right audiences 

At the heart of this is the technology’s ability to find ‘lookalike’ audiences whose profiles match those of previous campaign respondents. This uses our Embeddings technology to find more customers who resemble the people who accepted a previous campaign and deliver them to marketers as potential targets for similar offers.

Our privacy-safe technology uses real human behavior to match the right consumers to the right offer. This is not just about understanding interests, but also how this translates into behavior. For example, just because two people share a passion for cooking, this does not mean they will be interested in the same products – some may want all the latest gadgets, while others take a more traditional approach. Our AI-driven tools can identify such differences and identify which users to target accordingly.

This means you can be much more effective in how you market your offers. Instead of sending out unsolicited messages to a broad categorized group of customers, you can identify the most appropriate audience based on their interests and behaviours to run more tightly focused campaigns. Using real results from previous campaigns and comparing this to your huge amount of customer activity data, we can show you exactly where to focus your efforts.

Better targeting, higher success rates

The fact you’re targeting the right customers means you’re able to achieve your campaign objectives more effectively. You may send your marketing offers to smaller, more targeted customer groups, but because you know from our campaign analytics that the recipients are more likely to be interested in the offer, you can be sure you’re putting your messaging in front of the right users, making campaigns more efficient and cost-effective.

However, the benefits don’t stop there. These solutions also mean the rest of your user base is available for other propositions that may be more relevant to them. Many telcos have limited contact opportunities for each user – for example, a maximum of three messages a month – to avoid annoying them with spam.

This means it’s not practical to run wide-reaching campaigns that use volume to make up for low response rates. But with Smart Audiences, you can filter your marketing to only those who would be interested – leaving other consumers available for other campaigns that are more relevant to them and improving the overall customer experience. This ensures none of your precious interactions are wasted on speculative messaging. Instead, you can have confidence you’re talking to only the right people at all times.

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