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Activate your data to drive revenue

Intent Apps

Digital Ad Insights

Improve your data monetization

Telcos possess huge amounts of event and network data about their customers. Intent HQ enriches this, turning it into valuable insight into behavior, interests and brand affinities. Marketers and campaign planners can use this enriched intelligence information to identify bespoke audiences and highlight exactly where to find these customers on the internet. This can be used both as an internal tool and part of a data monetization strategy, enabling brands to precisely target their ad spend for better ROI.

Intent Apps

Smart Audiences

Insights to boost your campaign targeting

Make sure your campaigns are aimed at the right customers. Intent HQ uses AI to enrich a telco’s network data and empower marketers to identify audiences within their customer base that best match the offer. This enables telcos to improve the reach of their marketing campaigns whilst maintaining customer relevance.

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