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Data-led Segments

Customer segmentation through clear consumer signals

At A Glance

  • Improved marketing optimization
  • Better ROI and customer engagement
  • Bottom-up approach to customer segmentation


A traditional top-down approach to customer segmentation examines perceived customer interests to target consumers with marketing communications. However, this traditional approach does not take into account likely customer behavior that can have a significant impact on campaign performance.

What we solve

  • Build campaigns around cluster audiences
  • Better able to predict customer reactions
  • Account for real-world behavior that may impact decision-making

With this product

  • Customer segmentation based on signal behavior
  • Optimize campaign performance
  • Improve campaign engagement and ROI

Intent AI

Data-led Segments

Customer segmentation analysis

Data-led Segments provide a bottom-up approach to customer segmentation, enabling telcos to differentiate their audiences based on personalized customer behavior.

What is

Data-led Segments

Using data to deliver customer segmentation

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Data-led Segments enable a bottom-up approach to marketing campaigns for telcos, ensuring they can match the right people to their promotions, deals or offers to maximize engagement and returns.

Customer understanding through signal behavior

Who are the customers you’re most likely to receive a positive response from when marketing a specific product, offer or service? This is a key question when it comes to maximizing the impact of your marketing activities. With Data-led Segments, you can take a lot of the guesswork out of market segmentation analysis by clearly identifying groups (clusters) of individuals who demonstrate an affinity for what you have to offer.

So, how do we achieve this? Rather than just saying ‘we have a fixed target, so how do we find all the people related to this?’, we can also say, ‘having looked at all the data, how do people naturally cluster into groups of a certain type?’

Data-led Segments examine how people generally behave when they show specific signals. In this way, we can take a bottom-up approach to marketing to them and help our clients optimize for particular marketing campaigns. What it enables is giving a clearer sense of how individuals fall into distinct behavioral groups when they’ve previously acted in a certain way.

Optimizing campaign performance through segmentation

Intent HQ’s enriched customer data enables users of Insights Explorer to create audience clusters using the human-centric insights, and know that these people are likely to behave in a similar way. How do people with certain interests either over- or under-index for specific behavior, for instance. 

This creates a bespoke audience of individuals who demonstrate the right signal behavior to be interested in what the telco has to offer at that time. This profiling can be entirely tailored based on each campaign’s needs.

For example, the way certain individuals who are tech early adopters interact with existing telco services could be very different from other customers – perhaps they consume more data or demonstrate higher spending habits? By examining the data of all customers and categorizing individuals into specific segments, the telco then knows who it should be targeting with its latest handsets or devices.

Ultimately, utilizing the behavior of customers based on their real-world data to predict their future actions gives a higher degree of certainty to telcos on where to invest their resources to maximize the return of their campaigns. At the same time, it offers a more personalized experience for the individual, who is more likely to receive those offers that are truly of interest to them.

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