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Customer Interests

See what your customers are truly interested in

At A Glance

  • Better know your customers with human-centric insights
  • Extract unique insights from your network data for a competitive edge
  • Overcome superficial personalization and maximize campaign return


Our interests define us as human beings as much as, or even more than, any other aspect of ourselves. Telcos generate huge amounts of behavioral data in their network, but have historically not been able to leverage this information at scale. As a result, campaigns and promotions lack optimal  targeted effectiveness, leading to missed opportunities to interact with the most engaged customers and potentially higher costs/lower profitability.

What we solve

  • Deeper understanding of your customer interests that can deliver new levels of personalization
  • Marketing campaign performance and customer experience improvements
  • Overcome the privacy and scalability barriers that currently hold back utilization of powerful network event data

With this product

  • Better customer insight and engagement
  • Improved campaign/business ROI
  • Privacy-secure insights

Intent AI

Customer Interests

Know who you’re talking to

Find out more about what makes your customers tick and you can better tap into their interests to provide a truly personal experience when engaging with your brand.

What is

Customer Interests

Build a clearer picture of your customers

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When it comes to developing a clear understanding of your customers, there is nothing more insightful than knowing their true interests. Traditional data insights don’t always give the fullest picture of behavior. It’s not enough to draw conclusions based on limited samples of data and blunt traditional demarcations such as age, gender and (god forbid!) class.

To get the most out of your campaigns and promotions, you need big data analytics that deliver granular insights based on the actual behaviour of each customer to personalize your delivery and maximize customer satisfaction and commercial returns.

Human-centric customer interests

Building a clear picture of the interests of customers can help ensure more profitable campaigns, while also better serving their needs and giving customers the best possible experience with your business. We ensure a human-centric approach to Customer Insights that creates a granular understanding of customer needs, likes, dislikes and opportunities for non-invasive marketing.

Our artificial intelligence software identifies clusters and patterns of behavior for each individual to create a digital representation known as an Embedding. This is then used to derive the insight, not that person’s specific data. This provides an accurate way to group behaviors and ensures we can silo or remove all sensitive behavior from marketing inference. 

With hundreds of Customer Interests revealed through our interrogation of data, it provides a privacy-secure means of getting to know your customers better. And just as when we as humans bring certain interests to bear in certain situations but not others, our system allows the pertinent interests to resonate most in response to different stimuli.

We use data science and big data analytics to create a detailed image of each customer’s event data, but do so in a way that makes it impossible for anyone outside of the client telco to identify that individual. The data can be segmented to remove any information that the organization does not wish to utilize, in turn, reducing the risk of non-compliance and delivering insight that is actionable and easy to understand.

Increased return through clear customer understanding

Our Customer Interests provide the uniquely human insight telcos need to efficiently segment customers by the interests, events and activities that most appeal to them. Based on in-depth information that is fully customizable to remove all sensitive data, businesses can fine-tune campaigns, in terms of both targeting and content arbitration, according to those who will be most receptive.

Traditionally, businesses have been unable to garner this insight from sources like CRM and billing information, but when we examine the wealth of customer information available to telcos, our AI-powered software creates in-depth insights bespoke to each individual customer, allowing you to develop a level of human customer understanding not previously possible. 

Telcos can categorize their clients across a broad spread of interests (more than 600 as standard) to identify those individuals most attuned to their ongoing marketing activities. For instance, you can see who is interested in golf, music, video streaming, eating-out, conservation, pot-holing, the list goes on (and on and on). With Customer Interests, it’s easy to identify target groups to initiate true personalization. That understanding – based on your unique data set – is personal to your customers and thus we provide exclusive insights into your customer base that gives you competitive advantage. 

It means a higher return on investment as customers have a better experience, helping to positively influence issues like customer churn and demonstrating to the individual that the telco truly understands what appeals to them. It also serves the business, enabling you to be more focused in your marketing efforts, reducing the need to send large volumes of correspondence and needlessly contacting those who would be less likely to show a positive response.

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