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Brand Affinity

Building better brand partnerships

At A Glance

  • Understand your customers more fully
  • Enrich your network data to deliver new customer understanding
  • Improve product and brand partnerships with key customer insights


Traditional customer insights do not provide a granular breakdown of how individuals interact with brands and businesses online. Without this information, telcos are less able to optimize brand partnerships or tailor their offers to provide a more personal, impactful experience to customers.

What we solve

  • Lack of information on customer brand preferences
  • Address generalized understanding of customer behavior
  • Lack of insight supporting brand partnerships, affinity schemes and customer offers

With this product

  • Know who to partner with for maximum engagement
  • Improved personalization of marketing campaigns for improved ROI
  • Gain competitive advantage from your exclusive data

Intent AI

Brand Affinity

Build better brand awareness

Understanding the brands that appeal to your customers can have a major impact on marketing activities for telcos. If you know which other businesses your customers like to interact with, this provides great scope for partnerships and offers that can be truly impactful.

What is

Brand Affinity

Know your customers’ online habits

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Understanding the brand affinities of customers provides useful insights for telcos that can feed into marketing campaigns and activities to help drive customer engagement. With Brand Affinity, Intent HQ puts this information in the hands of those who truly need and can benefit from it – your marketing teams.

Deeper understanding of customer brand interests

Given the vast amount of information telcos generate on a daily basis, this wealth of knowledge can prove transformative in the way businesses interact with their customers. By creating detailed profiles around customers’ online habits, a clearer picture can be developed around their interests and which brands matter most to them.

For example, customer behavior analytics data that shows a large proportion of customers regularly visit specific fashion websites can prove to be crucial information if a telco is considering a brand partnership. This information can be extremely useful for product managers, brand associates and marketers, and could make all the difference between a campaign that excels in its levels of customer engagement and one that does not.

Moreover, specific brand offerings can be tailored to appeal to specific categories of customers. In this way, telcos can offer a level of true personalization in their marketing material not seen before, while at the same time leaving other groups uncontacted and available for other offers or communication that may be more pertinent to them.

Privacy at the heart of true personalization

Delivering a more personalized experience to customers helps drive engagement for telcos and supports marketing efforts to boost ROI. At the same time, telcos must ensure they do not overstep the bounds of data privacy in order to gain these insights.

Intent HQ’s customer intelligence software lies at the heart of our Brand Affinity product and places the insights gleaned in the hands of those who can make the most impactful decisions. It democratizes access to key customer insights, while at the same time maintaining the privacy of individual customers and protecting the business from any potential infringement of data privacy laws.

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