Intent AI


Persona-led interest and attitudinal customer audiences

At A Glance

  • Behaviorally derived audiences that cover most of your customer base
  • Linked to persona seeds that have inherent value such as ‘Deal Seekers’, ‘High Rollers’, etc
  • Improved campaign results with lower spend


Telcos have a vast number of customers and want to ensure they are targeting those who are most likely to have a positive response when setting up marketing campaigns or offers. However, with traditional data analysis, the granular information just isn’t there to truly validate the customer personas you use for marketing, usually relying on inconsistent first or third-party demographic data sources. Behavioral Tribes uses the same behavioural data for which we learn customer interests to create rich persona-based audiences and deliver a truly personalized experience.

What we solve

  • Lack of insight to support key strategic marketing personas
  • Inability to target those most responsive to messaging
  • Inability to match customer behavior to marketing over fear of compliance issues

With this product

  • In-depth understanding of customer interests
  • Clear definition of target groups based on behavior
  • Granular data leads to better campaign personalization

Intent AI


Customer segmentation that works

Identify groups of customers who have an interest in what you want to say to them. Behavioral Tribes delivers key market intelligence that can lead to higher levels of consumer engagement and a reduction in risk and cost.

What is

Behavioral Tribes

Know your audience and what will resonate

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Identifying target audiences for specific campaigns can be fraught with difficulty – get it wrong and you could be wasting opportunities to speak to customers about offers they’re more likely to appreciate, while simultaneously delivering a poor customer experience that could harm loyalty. With Behavioral Tribes, you build a deeper, clearer understanding of your customer base and can ensure every correspondence you send is something that will resonate.

Customer segmentation with ease 

Behavioral Tribes allow you to identify  groups of customers who have clear and distinctly defined behavioral characteristics, such as sets of interests or traits like ‘deal seekers’, making it easier to align your marketing efforts or other correspondence to those most likely to appreciate it. It brings a level of true personalization that is unrivalled in the industry.

Customer data analytics are at the core of Behavioral Tribes, as we use an individual’s own unique online and telco data to build a representation of their interests. This is then combined with a client’s predefined categories to create a group of customers fitting that description.

Want to know who are more likely to be receptive to messaging about 5G being rolled out in their area? Build a Behavioral Tribe that examines tech early adopters. Planning a sports betting offer to drive engagement with your brand? Create a Tribe that shows a high interest in both sports and gambling. 

The system then identifies those who match these characteristics to the tokenized profiles and delivers them back to the telco for re-identification and activation in downstream marketing platforms – increasing audience engagement.

Personalized insight with built-in privacy

Using Intent HQ’s unique embedding systems, we ensure full data privacy and compliance for customers and businesses – at no point is a person’s raw data fed into AI algorithms; instead, our embedding is used to identify target behaviors.

What results is a snapshot of people’s attitudes to different interests, activities and behaviors. It gives a flavor of how much they are interested in specific topics, without delving into sensitive data. As a result, businesses can build core customer segments for all of their specific offerings without the fear of regulatory breach should they wish to target these groups with tailored campaigns.

Moreover, Behavioral Tribes highlight individuals who are already interested in what your brand has to offer. As such, it means issues of contacting people with irrelevant messages is significantly reduced, as well as helping to create more streamlined campaigns that deliver a higher proportion of positive engagement. Ultimately, it’s a win for the consumer and the corporation.

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