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Intent AI

Enriched customer data to give human-centric insights

Intent AI

Audience AI

Build target audiences that drive campaign lift

Marketing campaigns can’t be effective if they’re not reaching the right audience. Efforts may be wasted by attempting to engage with people who are not interested in the offers being made. So how can you use advanced campaign analysis to improve this and identify the right audience to speak to?

Intent AI

Data-led Segments

Differentiate your customer base

Increase customer engagement and ROI for campaigns through insight into target audience clusters. Identify the groups of individuals most attuned to your marketing campaigns.

Intent AI

Behavioral Tribes

Privacy-focused interests-centric customer segmentation

Enhance customer engagement and drive an increase in ROI through the creation of clusters of individuals grouped by interest who match your marketing objectives.

Intent AI

Customer Interests

Better understand your customer interests

Pioneering the extraction of human-centric customer understanding from network-based event data, Intent HQ’s Customer Interests insight is uniquely enriched from your data and optimized for real-time insight activation.

Intent AI

Brand Affinity

Building better brand partnerships

Know which brands have a greater appeal to your customers and you can open up opportunities for more engaging brand partnerships and offers that will deliver enhanced ROI for your business.

Intent AI


Privacy-secure analysis of data

Privacy and GDPR/CCPA compliance is at the heart of the Intent HQ platform. Vectorizing tokenized data into Embeddings provides the highest degree of privacy and real-time complex data processing at scale.

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