Intent Products

Activate your customer data

Drive true personalisation with embedded privacy

Intent Products

Intent AI

Clear customer understanding

Telcos have access to a huge amount of data and the ability to leverage this information can prove transformative in terms of delivering enhanced ROI and better value to customers.

With the Intent AI set of products, telcos are able to use artificial intelligence models researched and developed by Intent HQ to develop a granular understanding of their customer base, to better target their messaging and offers at individuals who will be more receptive, and do this in a way that preserves customer privacy.

From creating Data Driven Segments to Behavioral Tribes, through to developing a clearer understanding of customer experience, Intent AI gives telcos greater richness of customer data and empowers them through the use of Embeddings to be more targeted in their activities.

Intent Products

Intent Applications

Activate your data to drive revenue

Intent HQ’s suite of applications help businesses activate their data by turning customer info into valuable insight for use across the business and beyond.

Whether it’s improving digital ad performance, utilizing past data to boost the performance of future marketing campaigns or guiding the future direction of your  strategy, unlocking the value contained within your network data helps you develop more targeted marketing campaigns and much more personalized customer experiences.

These tools let you develop new sources of revenue, boost ROI and ensure teams throughout the business can make better, more customer-centric decisions, with fingertip access to a level of customer understanding that was previously unavailable.

Intent Products

Insights Explorer

Make better big data marketing decisions

Explore and visualize the data you hold on your customers in a single location to derive AI-enhanced behavioral insights and create targeted campaigns to boost loyalty, drive upsells, reduce churn.

Access and activate trillions of unexploited customer data points to more clearly define your customer understanding, allowing you to answer crucial questions about why your customers act as they do.

Insights Explorer lets you build a true customer understanding using combined CRM and network data that allows you to put big data analytics into the hands of marketers, not just data scientists.

Intent Products

Intent Platform

Insights and Activation

Intent HQ’s forensic insights gleaned from user data help telcos to increase customer lifetime value and gain the competitive advantage of exploring trillions of unexploited data points to better understand their customers and market to them effectively.

Data-led insights allow businesses to create more targeted messaging, improve campaign ROI, boost loyalty, drive upsells and reduce customer churn. Monetizing first-party customer data couldn’t be simpler with Intent HQ.

Our suite of powerful tools allow telcos to put data in the hands of their marketing teams, democratizing access to data insights and freeing up the time of data scientists to provide additional business value.

Intent Products

Intent Privacy

How we protect customer data

Our holistic attitude to privacy means customer data will always be protected when working with Intent HQ. We help you to set clear policies on what is an acceptable use of customer information and what is not.

We provide full data controls and make use of pseudoanonymization, so there’s always tracking of access to specific customer information and we strip out sensitive categories of data to ensure total compliance at all times.

With Intent HQ, we simplify the often complex data privacy process and provide full traceability to ensure privacy lies at the heart of big data analytics and gaining key customer insight.

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