Privacy Ethos

Privacy is integral to Intent HQ

At A Glance

  • Go beyond outdated models of consent
  • A holistic approach to privacy
  • Address complex privacy issues at all levels


Most people still equate privacy with customer consent. But consent is a broken model that doesn’t take into account the nuances of today’s customer demands. Data privacy is now a hugely complex process, with a large chain of handoffs between different people who will have different needs for the data. So how do firms manage this?

What we solve

  • Holistically balance interests of businesses and consumers
  • Uphold all aspects of compliance and legislation
  • Ensure only the right data can be used for processing

With this product

  • Provide simple insight into how data is used
  • Strip out sensitive data categories
  • Maintain privacy at every level

What is

Privacy Ethos

The steps we take to ensure privacy is at the heart of what we do

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Traditional consent-based approaches to privacy no longer work. When customers are required to simply click ‘agree’ on a lengthy terms and conditions document before accessing services, they do not get the opportunity to determine what aspects of their data may be used. So how do we improve this? With a system designed to meet the needs of everyone. 

Balancing the needs of all parties

A holistic perspective on privacy requires balancing the interests of all parties. This means ensuring consumers’ rights and privacy are respected, while still serving the needs of the companies that retain this data. To do this, firms must be able to easily access the data they do have consent to use, while avoiding that for which permission has not been given. This is complex. However, a good consent management platform is foundational to building a privacy-first system that works for everyone.  

Our ethos aims to make sure these needs can all be met, respecting privacy while still enabling telcos to make the most of their vast repositories of network and behavioral data. Our proprietary approach to privacy, combining Embeddings technology and data controls, ensures marketers and other professionals throughout the business can get the actionable insights they need without compromising on privacy.

The need to provide value from data

This must all be done while upholding the requirements of GDPR and CCPA. For example, there are nine categories within GDPR that are classified as ‘sensitive’ that must be stripped out from the data you generate. But this is not as straightforward as it may sound.

For example, simple blocklisting tools are often a blunt instrument that fail to capture the nuances of your customers. Often they may be unable to differentiate sensitive data such as sex or health from unrelated behavioral insight into a customer’s interests that is both approved for use and provides valuable intelligence. Therefore, you need better solutions, which Intent HQ provides.

Get this right and you can show customers in plain English how their data is being used, and more importantly, how they can benefit from giving consent to use their data. Customers that understand this and can see clear results in the form of more relevant, personalized communications will have higher trust in companies and show better loyalty.

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