Data Controls

Full traceability for all your customer insight activities

At A Glance

  • Full traceability of customer data usage
  • Set policies on the use of sensitive data
  • Meet and exceed privacy requirements


Keeping track of data used throughout the business can be a challenge, especially when customer intelligence insights are used by various teams for a range of marketing and CX purposes. How can you ensure you meet privacy regulations and customer expectations when handling data?

What we solve

  • Enable privacy officers to take back control
  • Prevent mishandling of data
  • Set rules for who can access and use insight

With this product

  • Full traceability of how data is used
  • Clear policies for when data can and cannot be used
  • Increase customer trust

What is

Data controls

Set privacy policies to maintain customer data usage compliance

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Data controls is a key feature throughout Intent HQ’s products to ensure consumer privacy is maintained at all times. This maintains full traceability for all data interactions and reassures consumers and regulators that you’re using confidential customer data in a responsible manner.

Full traceability of data lineage

The ability to trace where data is coming from and going to throughout the processing and analytics process is vital. If a customer or government queries your use of data, you need to have a full audit trail that shows exactly where the data has been, how it has been used and who has accessed it. This is essential to show you’re respecting customer privacy and consent, as well as maintaining compliance with regulations such as GDPR or CCPA. 

This can often be a challenge for telcos dealing with huge data sets that are separated out across the entire business, but the way Intent HQ’s platform is structured, with complete customer profiles held together, makes it much easier to maintain end-to-end visibility.

What this means is you can see clearly how your customer data is being handled – and crucially if it is being mishandled. This is especially vital in an era where traditional consent models are no longer effective, and it may not always be clear to customers what they have given permission for. With data controls, you can make clear decisions about in which circumstances you may use certain data and ensure these rules are being followed.

Ensuring responsible use of data

Some of these controls will be needed to maintain legislative compliance. For example, some jurisdictions will have regulations that explicitly state that you can’t differentiate offers based on a customer’s ethnicity, so these details must be filtered out of any insight used for decision-making. But if you want to ensure responsible use of data, maintain privacy and build customer trust, you need to go beyond this. 

For example, a business may determine they won’t use age as a factor when differentiating customers to create hyper-personalized marketing offers, as many customers will consider this sensitive personal information. Though such a factor may still be used when looking to gain more general insights to help build wider customer understanding and spot key trends, firms will need to ensure such factors can’t be used as a trigger for a specific communication.

Data controls allow privacy officers to achieve this by setting policies for when certain criteria can and cannot be used, and also specify who has access to this underlying data. Because of the data lineage tracking, you can then make sure that any sensitive data covered by these policies isn’t being used elsewhere in the business.

This allows you to take customer privacy beyond a box-ticking exercise that merely complies with what is required by law. By creating and enforcing deeper data privacy policies that respect informed consent, you can also build trust with customers and help your bottom line. 

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