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Via customer AI

“Our partnership with Intent HQ has helped us know our customers on a completely different level, as people. This is transformational, allowing us to create the relationship of equals we strive to have with customers and strengthening our market position.

For us, data is at the heart of every decision we make.”

Chief Marketing Officer

Telefonica UK

At A Glance


O2 wanted to enhance its commitment to providing the most relevant customer experience from its marketing and products. They needed deeper human-like customer insight they could activate effectively to achieve better marketing campaigns.


  • Intent Lookalike Audiences
  • Intent Insights Explorer
  • Intent Cloud


The human, behavior-centric customer insights already created for O2 are further enhanced with a sophisticated lookalike approach to audience creation. This insight enables the optimization of base marketing performance due to better audience selection delivering more relevant and personalized marketing experiences.  As a result, the initial proof of concept resulted in a 65% higher campaign conversion rate.

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O2, innovators in customer experience

O2, the UK division of Telefonica, leads the market in customer experience. With a commitment to customer-centricity at the heart of the business, O2 recognized the need to “think differently” about sustainable, customer-centric growth. Particularly in the face of an intensely competitive, rapidly-commoditizing market where brand and product differentiation is difficult.

O2 Extras launched in 2019. Customers self-select the O2 Extra that matches their lifestyle, choosing from options including TV and movies, music, or meditation. The appeal of these handpicked benefits was evident as O2 already used Intent HQ’s Insights Explorer to segment and surface human-like insight from behavioral action data.

Intent HQ provides a unique deeper understanding of customer interests and preferences to O2 based on the ingestion of five-six billion anonymized and aggregated daily events from O2’s cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

The resultant insights are discoverable within the Intent Insights Explorer. Insights Explorer enables O2 users’ fingertip access to explore the insights, segment and activate audiences, and deliver more personalized and differentiated offers that delight.

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