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Telcos are at an inflection point. For years, they’ve faced mounting pressure from better-funded, more innovative tech competitors, and seen a return on investment, profits and market share slowly dwindle.

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Digital twins – why you need them in your strategy

We all know that quality customer data offers a huge amount of potential for communication service providers (CSPs) to tailor their messaging and deliver more personalized services. But having this data and using it effectively are two very different things. Using the right data science solutions is only the start of the challenge. Even though […]

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3 Kinds of Customer Data: Facts, Generalizations and Inferences

Best practice is to use all three, of course. Facts, generalizations, and inferences are defined as personal data whenever they are attributed or attributable to a customer.  They are regulated under laws such as GDPR in Europe and CPRA in California, so are rightly part of a conversation about customer data protection and privacy. Using […]

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Making monetization work in a new era for data consent

A strong data monetization strategy is a vital revenue channel for any telco. With the right tools, you can take the trillions of first-party data points you collect on your customers and deliver critical insight that partners can use to provide more personalized messaging that offers a better return on investment. However, a key challenge […]

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Did someone say ‘breach’?!

Utter the words ‘data breach’, and the news spreads just as fast as any 5G network. Over the past 10 years, there have been 300 data breaches involving the theft of 100,000 or more records according to Forbes. And per the World Economic Forum, as of 2019, cyber-attacks are considered among the top five risks to global stability. Sadly, this news isn’t new. But considering that most of the individuals affected by the T-Mobile breach weren’t even existing customers, the headline doesn’t evoke much confidence.

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Why consumer data privacy matters at Intent HQ

Life is a digital experience for most customers. Big as it already is, the importance of customer data continues to grow. We are told that “data is the new oil.” Some of the largest enterprises on Earth are founded on data such as Google, Amazon, Alibaba, Facebook, Netflix, Salesforce, Microsoft, and Oracle. Many of these big tech firms didn’t exist 25 years ago, making their success astonishing.

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Telecoms: GDPR privacy actions are trending up

By no means all of the regulatory action under GDPR has been accomplished through fines on organizations. It is expected that the EU legal consensus regarding privacy will strongly influence their behavior. Since GDPR’s introduction, most regulators have taken a consultative stance, giving advice and looking for incremental improvements in behavior.

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Seize the opportunity in CCPA compliance

CCPA is California’s answer to the new European regulation known as GDPR. It aims to protect consumer digital privacy, in a balance with promoting competition and commerce. With a 1/1/2020 start date, CCPA compliance is becoming urgent.

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