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Protecting telcos and customer privacy

At A Glance

  • Enhanced control for Privacy Officers
  • Embeddings ensure full customer data anonymity
  • Clear separation of what is/is not acceptable customer data to analyze


Ensuring customer data privacy and safeguarding business activities against regulatory infringement are absolutely crucial for telcos. At the same time, with access to a wealth of customer data, failing to make use of this valuable resource can hold businesses back from providing the best customer experience and maximizing ROI.

What we solve

  • Lack of crucial data oversight that can lead to regulatory problems
  • Pseudonymization of data to avoid customer privacy issues
  • Inability to maximize returns from valuable customer data

With this product

  • Privacy-secure access to key customer information
  • Simple demonstration of data governance policy
  • Customizable data controls to maximize value

Solutions by function


Clear oversight and understanding of data use

Understand how your valuable customer data is being used across your business and ensure only information that is suitable for use is being accessed for data insights. Fully-customizable data privacy controls make data handling simple with Intent HQ.

How we can improve and optimize your


Knowing when data is safe to use

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It can be easy for businesses to disregard the value of the customer information they hold due to fears over its improper use and the threat of regulatory fines or actions that could follow if it’s used inappropriately. However, when telcos adopt this approach, they miss out on valuable customer insights that could prove crucial to their long-term success.

Safe use of data to drive business value

Intent HQ’s suite of products ensure greater levels of control over sensitive customer data. Indeed, data privacy controls are crucial to ensuring only appropriate information is used by telcos when understanding and interacting with their customers. 

Our data privacy ethos is integral to how we use customer data, with our holistic approach to data pseudonymization key to protecting the interests of all parties, both telcos and their customers, at every stage.

We use Embeddings to create a safe environment for telcos to use first-party customer data in a way that not only ensures great insight into customer behavior and interests, but also protects personal data for individuals from misuse. 

In doing so, we ensure telcos are easily able to comply with GDPR, CCPA and other regulations around the appropriate use of customer data.

Transparency through IHQ data controls

Intent HQ’s AI-powered insights are fully customizable to draw information only from aspects of customer data that are deemed appropriate to use. Through our enhanced data controls system, we allow Privacy Officers to make more sophisticated decisions at a granular level about how data is used, adding value to the business without exposing it to risk.

Our Embeddings process makes it easy to restrict certain types of data and inference from ever being ingested. Meanwhile, our comprehensive data controls ensure companies can more easily control who has access to information and can control how data that is ingested is used. For example, telcos may wish to use a person’s gender for customer segmentation, but this information would be inappropriate for determining a differentiated service.

This frees the ability of data to support company objectives, with more restrictions on some data than others. This graduated approach to data handling gives telcos the ability to maximize value without compromising their regulatory position.

Ultimately, Intent HQ gives telcos the power to better categorize and understand, measure and monitor their use of customer data for different applications. Our products and controls ensure greater confidence that the company will not inadvertently break the rules around data usage and also that all data being accessed across a business is fit for purpose.

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