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Improve your offers and boost your revenue

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  • Develop deep understanding of customers based on human behavior
  • Leverage insight to create truly personalized offers and campaigns
  • Respect privacy and informed consent


Are your personalization efforts really personal? Most businesses can’t get enough detail from their data to truly make the most of their insight, which means marketing activities aren’t speaking to customers in the most resonant way.

What we solve

  • Personalization at large scale
  • In-depth exploration of data
  • Integration with existing martech products

With this product

  • Turn insight into action based on real human behavior
  • Boost campaign performance and customer strategy
  • Faster speed to value

Solutions by function


Better offers through human understanding

Intent HQ provides all the tools you need to deliver true hyper personalization marketing at scale and at speed. It places powerful analytics solutions directly in the hands of marketing teams, who can explore and manipulate their data flexibly and forensically to make better key decisions based on real human behavior without relying on the input of business intelligence units.

How we can improve and optimize your


Improve how you serve your customers and boost revenue through customer understanding

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True personalization is a key goal for any chief marketing officer. But until now, efforts to achieve this have often fallen short, as existing solutions don’t give teams a genuine understanding of human behavior, instead grouping them together into larger, generic subsections. Intent HQ’s data analytics tools change this, letting you explore much deeper into customer behavior to identify better opportunities to speak to your customer base in the right way. 

The value of true personalization with privacy

Until now, personalization has often not actually been that personal. It’s typically been based on the assumption that people with roughly similar interests will think and act the same. But this isn’t the case. As a simple example, no two music fans have the same tastes, so marketing to them simply as music lovers has its limitations. 

True customer understanding comes from deeper exploration of their real-world behavior to find connections and give you a full picture of consumers’ individual motivations and opportunities. With Intent HQ, you can gain the ability to turn your insight into genuine hyper-personalization at scale. 

With user-friendly access to all of your billions of customer data points, you can work with the insight at any level to drill down into much more granular detail. What’s more, this insight can be handled directly by marketing professionals without having to turn to data science pros for support, making it easier and faster to turn insight into revenue.

We help you go far beyond previous definitions of personalization, identifying exactly what to say to customers, when to say it and how to frame it. We also do this in a way that ensures the privacy and consent of individual customers is built into the solution at every stage.

Serve your customers, grow your business

With these insights, you can create much richer marketing materials to speak directly to your customers in a way that’s relevant to them, right when they need it most. This helps you create new revenue opportunities, protect your business from churn and improve customer loyalty.

For instance, when it comes to creating upsell or cross-selling opportunities, Intent HQ’s products ensure you’re targeting the right customers with the right offers, at the right time. If the data indicates certain customers ramp up their data usage at specific times, for example, you can preemptively reach out to them with offers. This increases your chances of better meeting their needs and generating additional revenue. 

Similarly, you can identify what factors matter most to your customers when it comes to signing a new contract. For instance, are they concerned about having the most widespread or fastest data coverage? Are they a fan of sports or music – and if so, what precise aspects of these interests do they enjoy? All this can be used to build truly personalized marketing messages and offers that address any potential risks in a cost-effective, privacy-secure way.

This means you can reduce the costs involved in delivering marketing campaigns, while still improving ROI as the messages are only going to those who you know will want what you’re offering, in a manner that is personalized to them. 

This applies at all levels, from ensuring messages are placed in the right location to be viewed by the right people, in a manner that ensures creative content in an email appeals to the recipient and determines what partnerships you should be pursuing. It does all this in a way that respects customer privacy and informed consent at all times.

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