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Easy to integrate data insight

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  • Ease of integration with existing IT infrastructure
  • Unlock the power of customer data insights
  • Added value towards business ROI


Telcos and heads of IT departments want to maximize the commercial value of customer data and their IT investments but struggle to ensure the safety of sensitive customer information and accessibility of legacy systems, therefore holding understandable concerns surrounding the integration of third-party data systems to access their IT infrastructure.

What we solve

  • An easy and privacy-safe form of extracting customer information
  • Removing the barriers to creating commercial value from customer data
  • Minimal impact on IT departments

With this product

  • Swift and secure access to data insights
  • No need to invest in IT infrastructure upgrades
  • Access data currently locked with your network data

Solutions by function


Unlock commercial value from data sources

Telcos can unlock commercial value from complex, interconnected data silos with Intent HQ. Our tools are easy to integrate with legacy systems, ensuring minimal disruption to IT departments for implementation and offer full data privacy and security to give stakeholders peace of mind.

How we can improve and optimize your


Data protection and security at our core

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Unlocking new commercial value from your data sources with Intent HQ ensures greater business value for telcos from the customer information they hold. Our systems work alongside existing IT infrastructure and relieve pressure on data controls to provide full data privacy and security. 

Improved value from existing data infrastructure

We recognize the power of harvesting data to derive clearer customer understanding and insight for telcos, but until now this has come with the potential opportunity cost of security, privacy breaches or commercially-restrictive resource needs. Intent HQ’s suite of products allow businesses to better interrogate customer information to understand where it can add value to your wider marketing activities and does so in a way that protects customer data identity at all times.

Through the use of Intent HQ Embeddings, we ensure no sensitive customer information is ever transmitted outside of telco-managed systems, while the way our machine learning algorithms present data delivers a full democratization of data insights to the wider business, with minimal input from IT. We give telcos the tools to interrogate customer data more fully, at speed, in greater depth and with no requirement to invest in expanding their existing IT infrastructure.

Simple and secure platform integration

Telcos remain completely in charge of the data source and our tools coexist with your legacy IT infrastructure. This means no costly investment to accommodate our platform. We ensure easy access and egress into existing systems, meaning you can achieve more value from data without needing to make significant changes to technical infrastructure. 

We are fully SOC 2 and ISO 27001 accredited, while our customizable data controls provide clear monitoring and peace of mind around who has access to data and what this information can be used for. Privacy and data governance are among our chief concerns and Intent HQ takes seriously the need to protect sensitive customer information and to maintain the efficacy of telcos’ own data management policies so as not to compromise regulatory requirements for all our clients.

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