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Customer Experience

Build better relationships through understanding

At A Glance

  • Complete 360-degree understanding of the customer
  • Give CX teams instant access to valuable insights
  • Predict customer experience issues or opportunities


Telcos generate billions of data points about their customers, but separating the relevant insights from the noise to identify customer experience issues and opportunities can be complex.

What we solve

  • Access AI-enhanced customer insight
  • Integration with key martech tools
  • Allow CX teams to conduct their own analytics

With this product

  • Provide fully personalized customer comms
  • Reach customers on the right channel, at the right time
  • Retain revenue, boost loyalty, improve outcomes

Solutions by function

Customer Experience

Better insight for improved customer relationships

Intent HQ provides customer experience teams with a complete, 360-degree understanding of consumers based on analysis of real human behavior. This helps telco be more proactive in their customer communications and lets customer experience management professionals take better control of their activities and play a more active role in decision making, instead of relying on analytics performed by others.

How we can improve and optimize your

Customer Experience

Make the right messages at the right time

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Telecom customer experience teams rely on data to tell them what they’re doing well, where they need to improve and what expectations their customers are likely to have. But sifting through all this information to find the right insight can be difficult, especially when there’s so much raw data to manage. Intent HQ puts power in the hands of these teams to explore this insight at any level and develop a complete, 360-degree understanding of your customer so you can deliver better, more relevant and timely interactions.

A complete customer understanding

One of the biggest challenges for any customer experience team is they do not have complete access to all their customer insight. Consumer data may be held in multiple places across the business, which makes it difficult and time consuming to build up a full picture of their customers.

Intent HQ changes this. By connecting all data in single ‘micro databases’ for every customer, we make it easy to access this insight and turn it into a complete understanding of each individual, which is vital to delivering the best possible experience.

It’s only when you have access to this 360-degree picture that you’ll be able to identify unique drivers and trends that you can use to boost your relationships. Armed with this knowledge, you can develop interactions that use true personalization to speak to each customer at the right time and in the right way to enhance their experience and improve loyalty. 

Proactive insights into consumer behavior

This also allows customer experience management teams to be much more proactive in how they reach out to customers and tailor their messaging to address the things each consumer cares most about. This is an invaluable tool when it comes to activities such as churn management, as it can identify potential issues before they escalate and identify how best to respond, leading to improved outcomes and reduced customer turnover costs.

For example, if a customer is repeatedly exceeding their data limit, the insights can highlight this and allow customer experience teams to make the right suggestion for alternative tariffs that will improve their overall experience. Meanwhile, if a customer is coming towards the end of their contract, team members can use their behavior profiles to identify potential risk factors that could cause them to switch to a competitor.

It can also indicate which are the best channels in which to get in contact and make offers, and allow customer experience teams to work with marketers to ensure the messages they are receiving are timely and relevant, and customers are not being hit with repeated contacts about products or services they have no interest in. 

This ultimately means both customers and telcos benefit from more personalized communication, which leads to improved loyalty, greater retention and increased revenue.

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